Most of us work in organisations that are hierarchical, vertical and functionally defined. The organisation chart for the typical company resembles a pyramid and provides a clear view of where everyone fits in relation to each other and will also normally reflect reporting relationships

Whilst there can be no doubting that this organisational model has served us well in the past, there are now serious questions about its appropriateness for the changed conditions that confront us today. Of the many changes that have taken place in the marketi-ng environment, perhaps the biggest is the focus upon ‘speed’. Because of shortening product life cycles, time-to-market becomes ever more critical.

Similarly, the dramatic growth of just-in-time (JIT) practices in man- ufacturing means that those companies wishing to supply into that environment have to develop systems capable of responding rapidly and flexibly to customers’ delivery requirements, Indeed, the same is true in almost every market today as organisations seek to reduce their inventories, and hence a critical requirement of a supplier is that they are capable of rapid response

In the present, traditional scale competition has been left behind by the competition networks, which build everything is more structured, and very able to reduce the cost (upholding efficiency) in the production of a good, quality output and Speed ​​is the most important in the present service well, as well as build mutual trust in the organization


By: Alvin Senna

NIM : 2244.12.132

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